Sunday, 1 December 2013

Baby Albums

Greetings all, I have been very busy making two All Occasions Folio Albums by Kathy Orta for my hairdressers who are both pregnant at the same time. One is having a girl and the other is a boy!! Have had so much fun making them and here are the pictures:

 This is the cover of the first one for the little Girl!!
 Once opened - this is the first page from the left hand side and the bottle on the flap opens up. Have made space for all the details of the baby's birth that the Mum can complete.

 Also a space for the first photo of the little one.
 Turn the flap over and there is more space for a photo and a journalling spot as well
 Three tags for more photos or even a story or two. I love this style of pockets as its all made in one piece and it allows for various sizes tags. The bottom one is the smallest, the middle one is slightly longer and the top one is about 8" long.
 Then from the right hand side the process was repeated - and of course she will always be her parents princess so I had to bring in that as well

 This is the center of the album and its 6 pockets that work on a hidden hinge concept, by Kathy Orta of Paper Phenomenon and each pocket you can place a tag or multiple tags.

 The back of the 6 pockets - which can be used to place photographs as well.
 When you flip the pockets you come across another center piece and this is my favourtie because of the size of the flap. If my memory is correct, I think the measurements are about 10" x 11".
 The back side of the big flap - Can hold a big enlargement of possible the whole family together.
 Underneath you have another 6 pockets with 6 tag, which also vary from about 3 1/2" to 8" long
Just another view!!

I have photographs of the blue one which I will put up in the next post

Thank you for coming to look


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